Lost Sheep For Sale

These titles listed in the 1818 Godemersham catalogue are currently available on the market – a tad beyond our collective reach. If you would like to donate to our Lost Sheep Fund and help with the return of these books to the Library at Chawton House, then please contact us here: https://readingwithausten.home.blog/contact/

With hearty thanks!


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Cowper, William. Poems. London: printed for J. Johnson 1782. [With:]_________. The Task, a Poem, in six Books To which is added An Epistle to Joseph Hill Tirocinium, or a Review of Schools, and the History of John Gilpin. London: Printed for J. Johnson 1785.

FOR SALE: Bernard Quaritch Ltd, London
Price: US$ 10,675.30. [ At Abebooks here].

– Long, John (fl. 1768-1791). Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader Describing the Manners and Customs of the North American Indians; with an Account of the Posts Situated on River Saint Laurence, Lake Ontario &c. to which is Added a Vocabulary of Chippeway Language. London: Printed for the Author, 1791.

FOR SALE: Arader Galleries, New York
Price: $8,500.00  [on Abebooks here].